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On average, every vacancy receives over 300 applications. 3-5 of which progress to interview.

That means your résumé needs to be in the top 1-2% in order to even be considered!! Are you sure that is the case?

Your current CV isn't getting you hired, but a CHCV résumé can get you interviews!

CHCV will make your résumé stand out from the crowd!

Here is the truth: Your CV is not as good as you think it is!

Have you been applying to as many jobs as you can see but you're not getting any responses? Are you starting to wonder what you can change on your CV to make it stand out more? Are you doing something wrong?

Maybe you're fresh out of college and can't get your foot in the door... Does the résumé that the College Career Guide helped you to write have some shortcomings? Unfortunately in our experience, the answer here is quite possibly...

You might have left your first job and are looking for a career change... We have all been there and we all have our reasons for wanting to move. The problem is, almost EVERYONE is looking for their next career move. Even more problematic, we are all competing with each other and there aren’t enough jobs to go around. Notice the unemployment rate is never 0%...

You need a CV that makes you stand out!

A good CV doesn't get you the job, it gets you an interview, a good interview gets you the job!

That is where we come in, our team has many years of experience in Recruitment and Résumé Writing, as a result, we are used to changing CVs to make them look as appealing as possible without losing important content. We know that a good CV makes the difference between getting a chance to interview, and your CV being thrown in the trash. We know what makes a CV stand out.

We perfect the following points on your CV:




Having the right format and layout is vital for your CV. A good layout makes a CV much easier to read and more visually appealing to hiring managers.

Everything needs to be clearly segmented & our experts know exactly how best to do this with every CV.

Research has shown that poor formatting demonstrates a lack of organisational skills to hiring managers. Reformatting alone is often the difference between a call to interview and rejection.​

Content is King! At CHCV, we believe that your CV should highlight all of your best skills.

Your best skills are defined as your most marketable skills – the skills that hiring managers look for.

We do not believe in merely telling the story, our CVs are specifically designed to get you interviews!

Interviews lead to jobs!

There isn’t a single hiring manager in the world that doesn’t cringe at the sight of poor grammar or poor spelling.

Mistakes on your own CV are not always easy to spot; however an outsider’s unbiased perspective is always good. Our employees have all studied and mastered numerous languages.

As a result not only will they correct unseen grammatical errors or spelling mistakes,they willalso rephrase sentences into clear, concise statements with attractive wording.

"I am very happy with the way my new CV looks. Professional, organised and definitely brings out what my new employers were looking for. From 4 pages to just two yet still contains everything I want. Excellent result, would definitely recommend your services. Thank you!"

Helene F. W. (Amsterdam, NL)
Front Office Manager - 5* Hotel

“New CV looks brilliant, very happy with the service, have recommended that my friends bring you their CV’s. Good price compared to other companies as well. Thanks again”

Martin B. (London, UK)
Marketing Manager

We spoke with Senior Managers, Directors and even a Group Chief Operations Officer at a multi-billion dollar company, here is what we found:

"Reading CVs is not a hiring manager's main job, so you have to get your point across in a clear & concise yet obvious manner"

Having spoken to people who have reached the top in their careers, we were eager to see how we could go the extra mile for our clients. What could we add that make our CVs stand out from the rest? Having shown a few examples of our work to people at this level, 97% of them agreed that our CVs stand out significantly more than they had before we worked on them.

A Group Chief Operations Officer in a multibillion-dollar company had the following to say:

"There is not really anything 'scientific' in our approach to reading CVs, although I imagine there may be a bit of science behind the way they are written. Myself and my subordinates have similar focal points when reviewing a CV:"

  • Good 'Headline Statement'​
  • Current Role
  • Qualifications
  • Layout & Formatting

So as you can see, by ensuring the quality of your content, layout, spelling and grammar,  we have you  well covered!

So How Does It Work?

Enter Your Details

Once you have made payment you will be redirected to a page where you can enter all the relevant details, it is important to make sure these details are accurate. We will ask for the following information.

  • Full Name
  • Primary Email
  • Industry & Experience Level

There is also a section where you can give us any further information. Phone number is recommended but not required.

Upload Your CV

Please upload your CV in Word Format if possible. This is obviously the most important part as we need your current CV to see what can be done to improve it. Without your CV, we can't see what you have done and we can't give you a new one. Luckily, we have made it extremely easy to upload everything on the same form.​


We tried and tested a variety of services in order to find the most secure way for our clients to pay. We have found Stripe to be the most secure service, as well as being one of the most trusted names online. Stripe guarantees your payment is secure, your identity is protected, and your bank/card details remain hidden.

You can check out with your credit/debit card and Stripe will simply process the transaction, so either way, you are protected.​ You are in no way required to open an account with Stripe.

Allow 3-5 Business Days

In 5 business days your CV will be returned to you via the email provided. We will send you the document in PDF and Word format.

You will also receive a few bonuses for using our service, find out more about these bonuses below!

Apply With Confidence

Once you have your new CV & all the bonuses you will be free to apply to relevant jobs knowing that your CV will stand out to the HR representatives at the companies you apply to.

Please remember, even a great CV won't get you a job that you are not qualified for. Apply for relevant jobs at your level, and we can guarantee, your CV will stand out.

Job hunting is a numbers and persistence game. Unfortunately we don't always know all of the job parameters as they are usually not all listed. Eventually though, if you apply consistently for jobs relating to your experience, you will get interviews and you will get hired.

“Got hired to my dream job 1 month after they edited my CV. Direct, professional & effective. Thanks!”

Elliot G. (London, UK)
Data Scientist

“Using my new CV, I made a move from a small finance company to one of the world’s largest banks with a big pay rise! CHCV… highly recommended! Thank You!”

Michael W. (Zurich, CH)
Wealth Manager

What You Will Get

Along with a brand new CV designed to get you interviews, we will also include some bonuses:
  • A New CV
  • Example Cover Letter
  • Fill-in-the-Blanks Cover Letter
  • 3 Additional CV Templates

These additional products are available as bonuses for a limited time only! Soon they will go back to being individual products all sold separately and valued at $49 each.

That's $350 worth of Job-Winning material!

With a new CV and all these extras, you are one step closer to landing a new job!

Take the first step towards your next career move and a new job!

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“Within 2 months of CHCV sending me my new résumé, I got a new job in a Fortune 500 company!”

Virginia D. (London, UK) 
Office Manager / Executive Assistant

“I highly recommend CHCV as a service – they were able help me in consolidating my CV to highlight my key experiences and achievements. As someone applying in multiple markets worldwide, the international expertise on targeting my CV to each location was invaluable.”

Christina W. (Singapore)
Senior Sales Manager

The Longer You Wait, The Longer It Will Take You To Get Hired!

You are here because your current CV isn't getting you noticed. We can change that, but the longer you wait, the more potential employers will judge you by your current CV. As we know you only get 1 chance to make a first impression, so once clients have seen your CV once, they will likely not want to see it again as it is considered a 'rejected CV' in their mind.

You can avoid this by getting a new CV from us now to stand out. Our service only takes a few business days, so you could be standing out from the crowd and getting more interviews sooner than you think!

Take the first step towards your next career move and a new job!

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