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Your new CV is at your fingertips!

CHCV have many years of experience in reviewing and rewriting CVs on behalf of our customers. Our entire workforce has built up their knowledge and experience from working in Headhunting agencies. This means that not only do they know what a good CV looks like, but they also know what hiring managers are looking for.

We now have a team of experts who individually look at different aspects of your CV. We break your CV down into 3 categories.

  • Layout
  • Grammar & Spelling
  • Content


Having the right layout is vital for your CV. A good layout makes a CV much easier to read and more visually appealing to hiring managers. Everything needs to be clearly segmented & our experts know exactly how best to do this with each individual CV.

Grammar & Spelling:

There isn’t a single hiring manager in the world that doesn’t cringe at the sight of poor grammar or poor spelling. Mistakes on your own CV are not always easy to spot; however an outsider’s unbiased perspective is always good. Our employees have all studied and mastered numerous languages. As a result not only will they correct unseen grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. They will also rephrase sentences into clear, concise statements with attractive wording.


Content is king, at CHCV, we believe that your CV should highlight all of your best skills. Your best skills being, your most marketable skills – the skills that hiring managers look for. We do not believe in merely telling the story, our CVs are designed to get you interviews. Interviews get you jobs.

Having the right skills marketed on your CV + proper presentation + no spelling mistakes & correct grammar = interviews.

We can do all of this for you. Simply send us your CV and your contact details by attaching it to the box at the bottom of this form, enter your details, and we will send your new CV back to you within 5 working days. You will receive the CV in both Microsoft Word and PDF format.

Why Use CHCV?

CHCV are partnered with a reputable headhunting agency based in Switzerland and provide a service to the same standard. We also provide a quick and efficient delivery method for our service, for a lower cost than much of our competition. By segmenting the process of a CV rewrite as shown above, we are able have numerous people look at what can be improved, thus making the process more efficient for a better price.

Our Price:

Many headhunting agencies, outplacement agencies or CV Writing services will often charge anywhere between $250 – $500 for such a service. They also have complicated structures, like escalating prices depending on the size of the CV or the level of experience. We however know that every CV is different and cannot simply be categorized. As a result, we have a simple price structure – a single price that we charge regardless of age, level of experience, industry or number of pages on the CV.

Our price per CV: Only $149.95

Click below to submit your CV & receive your brand new CV in only 72 hours. Payments are made securely through ClickBank, an internationally renowned online retailer & payment platform.

If you have any questions, please refer to the FAQ page, or if your question is not answered there, simply email us at info@chcv.ch.